Vision and Mission


Agnel School of Law believes in diversity and is committed to achieve legal excellence by developing a vibrant and dynamic intellectual community of ethical leaders with a transformative educational experience. A selective law school whose faculty and students are dedicated to advancing human dignity, social welfare, stewardship, access to justice through the knowledge of law and thus have a meaningful and far reaching impact on the legal profession, society and the nation building.


Agnel School of Law envisions to prepare a dynamic and scholarly community of lawyers with highest ideals to foster justice with legal skills and knowledge with the core competencies essential to embark on the practice of law. The social, economic and political changes require innovative legal analysis and solutions thus a pedagogical method to enhance the quality to legal education. This also integrates traditional legal analysis and practice skills with the help of curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities with a doctrinal interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary approach and experiential learning.

This opens to unparalleled world of opportunities being inclusive and sensitive coupled with the ethos of social justice. At Agnel School of law we are devoted to the academic study of the law, helping to preserve what is best in our law regimes, creating space to reform what can be improved and above all contributing to the world’s understanding of this fundamental human institution.
This facilitates a freshman in law to understand gradually the legal doctrine and legal process in law assuring a rational, social, cultural and ethical dimensions of legal practice and central components of law and hence can serve the national and international community and to improve the human and global condition.