Hello to one and all, I Divya Vadhel would like to share a few words on not only my school but also my College Agnels, my journey of 18years in Agnels. The very first thing that comes to our mind when we hear Agnels is Our motto "Love Neighbour as Yourself." An Alma mater where equal importance is given to sports, academics and extracurricular activities. The only place where we find discipline and fun both at the same time. Our College Agnel School of Law started with a beautiful orientation, Traditional day, Samvaad, Moot competition, IV trip to Delhi, Manali and many more activities. In our school days we always said "East or West AGNELS IS THE BEST!!!"and now we actually feel this. Last but not the least once an Agnelite is Forever an Agnelite.
Divya Vadhel
Class: T.Y.B.L.S.-LL.B.
It’s a privilege to be known as the first batch of Agnel School of Law. In the past two years, I have transformed from a commoner to a social engineer at Agnel School of Law. Usually the journey in a law school is supposed to be long and tedious, but for me it has been a path of self discovery, tonnes of knowledge and bucket loads experience. Students at Agnel School of Law not only excel in curricular but also co-curricular and extra curricular activities. Furnished with a well equipped library, moot court hall and friendly and approachable faculty, students have the support system to enhance their skills. It also helps in developing professional network through moot courts, seminars and cultural festivals. Agnel School of Law is an example of comprehensive learning which enables students to develop their personality and skills, preparing dynamic leaders. I’m sure Agnel School of Law will do justice to the great Agnel reputation.
Shivani Nikam
Class: T.Y.B.L.S.-LL.B.
College Infrastructure: The college has a beautiful infrastructural building with elevators. The classrooms are spacious, airy and have comfortable benches to sit. There is a huge central library containing all necessary categories of books. There is a separate library for law students as well. College has a moot court, legal aid centre and air conditioned seminar hall. Canteen is good and provides good food. There are separate hostels for girls and boys inside the college campus. Overall the college campus is clean, green and breezy. Academics: I am a S.Y B.L.S student. Curriculum is good. Faculty members are highly qualified and have good command on the subjects they deal with. They are very supportive and help students in best possible ways. Along with theoretical knowledge practical knowledge is also given to students. The campus has educational vibes all around. Extra-curricular Activities: College organises a number of events and competitions for overall development of students. Faculty members encourage students to participate in number of inter collegiate competitions as well. My experience: It’s been only about a year for me in this college and my experience is excellent. The college is much disciplined. Teachers are very helpful and encouraging. In the first Semester itself teachers motivated me to participate in various inter-collegiate competitions and helped a lot in preparation process. Along with studies, we are given opportunities for volunteering in many college events and this is contributing in developing in developing our overall personalities. I would highly recommend this college and it is the best college in Navi Mumbai.
Priyansi Vijay Patil
Class: S.Y B.L.S LLB
Oprah Winfrey once quoted “Surround yourself with people who are only going to take you higher”. Reading this quote reminded me of the glorious years I have spent learning with teachers who always heightened and elevated my spirits. If you’re looking for that one life changing experience, that is going to turn your life 360 degrees, then Agnel’s genially welcomes you. I have changed into a person who has acquired a great deal of confidence & enlightenment, and I don’t think I would be more privileged to join this venerated school of Law. There is a myriad of things I am grateful to Agnel’s for: like the teaching methodology of all my diligent and persevering teachers that shower me with unwavering support always, not to mention the extensive amount of discipline they have instilled in us. Our beloved I/C Principal- Prof.Kevin Tauro Sir himself is a connoisseur and aficionado in the semantics of law, he has a great deal of erudition brimming in himself- eloquent oratory skills, and well informed with massive knowledge and prudence, and a pro-active enthusiasm that fires us up to actively participate in his class. Special mention of our sagacious teacher Ms. Radhika Rodrigues mam, who also is a cognoscenti in the field of law.
Jasmine Sanumon
Class: S.Y. L.L.B.
Fr. Agnel Educational Institutes truly teaches us “ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam :- The entire world is a family”. After Thirty Years I got opportunity to Connect Fr. Agnel Educational Institutes through Agnel School of law again. I was ex-student of Fr. Agnel Polytechnic 1990 Batch with 25 years of Industrial Experience with holding B.E. Electronic degree from Mumbai University . Coming back to Fr. Agnel Vashi Campus after 30 years is really blessing for me. Fr. Agnel Campus Infrastructure, neat and clean atmosphere, well equipped classroom, library and computer lab with positive vibes attract me for more study and research. Agnel School of Law is one of the best college in Mumbai University to study law with discipline manner, under Guidance of I/C Principal Prof. Kevin Tauro and Fr. Almeida with his profound vision regarding Agnel School of Law and big belief on his law students to serve our nation. Principal Sir and Management of ASL are taking efforts for ASL students to play key roles in India and International Legal systems and Legislative system. I am glad to say that our Honorable I/C Principal Prof. Kevin Tauro is the backbone of Agnel School of Law. He is not only a complete versatile teacher but also a good human being with quality teaching, how to make Law subject interesting, different angles and thought process on case studies, providing very good guidance, roadmap and making strategy to become a successful lawyer. Agnel School of law provides best teaching staff and non teaching staff along with very good infrastructure, law library including e-library, Bhasha Lab, moot court, extra curricular activity, webinar on legal subjects, online lectures , revision lecture before examination. All of these activities value add to Agnel School of Law students to chase their dreams and hold apex position in Indian and International Systems. I am proud to say that, “I am a student of Agnel Scool of Law - An Agnelitie”.
Sanjog Kadam
Class: S.Y. L.L.B.