Rules and Regulations


1. All students shall abide be the rules made by the college authorities in regard to the conduct of the students both inside and outside the college premises and the decision of the college authorities shall be final. Parents and Guardians are also presumed to have agreed to these rules when their wards join the college. (See the instructions on the Admission From and the notices put up from time to time etc.)
2. Students should in their own interest read the college notices, including notice containing rules placed on the Notice Boards from time to time. It shall be the duty of each student to scan all the notice-boards daily. Notices are also available on the College website.
3. Students are required to dress decently and are not permitted to wear shorts in the College premises.
4. Use of Mobile phones is strictly prohibited on the college premises. Students found using cell phones in class are liable to the fine and their instruments confiscated as per the University rules.


1. A student involved in any such act is liable to the expelled from the college and in addition may undergo imprisonment and fine.
2. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks, intoxicants and narcotic drugs.
3. Any act which causes destruction or defacing of the property of the college or organizing raids and braking in to the premises of college.
4. Any act which interferes with the personal liberty of another person or subjects another to indignity or involves physical violence or use of abusive language.
5. An act in breach of an undertaking given under the rules of discipline.
6. Refusal to establish or reveal identity in the premises of the college.
7. An act which causes interference of outside persons or bodies or Agencies in the functioning of the college.
8. Dissemination and assertion of any false statement of tempering of certificates and records, whether with a view to seeking admission in a college of securing any benefit whatsoever.
9. Collection of funds for any program, picnic, excursion project or activity without prior written permission of the appropriate authority.
10. Use of title of the college or title which includes the name of the college for sending any letter or communication to the press or for distributing any document or literature or publication other than academic work without prior written permission of the appropriate authority.
11. Use of the name or address of the college or its officers or other authorities for making any representation on behalf of any student or group of students to any
12. Public authority in India or elsewhere or to any person (including the press) other than a person responsible for the management of the affairs of the college.
13. An act which disrupts the smooth running of the college or environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge or harmonious relationship between different groups of Students.
14. An act which tend to lower in the public estimate the image of the college or their officers.
15. An act of unruly and disorderly behavior at any competition, sports, cultural activities or other social or educational programs organized by the college.
16. Breach of Ordinances and Rules relating to attendance at lecture tutorials, tests, terminal or preliminary examinations and progress to the satisfaction of the principal.
17. Being found in possession of goods or any material deemed objectionable by the principal of the college. (In such cases, the principal may take or direct to take possession of such goods/ materials / pending further enquiry if necessary.)
18. Any act of insubordination or rude behaviors or use of intemperate language towards the Principal or any professor of the college or non- teaching staff.
19. Generally, any other act of indiscipline which in the opinion of the principal of the College is unbecoming of a student.


1. Any student of the college who has committed one or more of the acts of indiscipline mentioned above shall be subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the principal, who may refer the any professor or a committee of enquiry appointed for the purpose
2. Every student who has been alleged to have committed an act or acts of indiscipline shall be given an opportunity to be heard before any disciplinary action is taken against him/her.
3. The Principal may take any disciplinary action a student on a report made to him/her by the professor or a committee of enquiry appointed for the purpose as the case may be.
4. All decisions taken by the principal in relation to the acts of indiscipline committed by students shall be final and binding.