LLB (3 Years)


For candidates wishing to pursue the three year LL.B. Degree course
The Three Year Law degree Course leading to an LLB. degree is a six-semester full-time course. On completion of the three-year degree course i.e. after the sixth semester, an LLB degree is awarded. University examinations are conducted at the end of each semester. The LL.B. Degree will not be conferred upon students unless he/she has passed all the papers for each semester examination in accordance with the provisions of the University of Mumbai, Performance of a student is not only evaluated through the examinations but also by his/her performance in the practical training examinations conducted every semester as per the guidelines issued from time by the Bar Council of India.


Students of the 3 year course will be taught the following papers for each semester as mentioned below. Each Subject consists of 60 marks of semester end examination and 40 marks of internal assessment to the total of 100 marks.

1st Year


1. Labour Laws (100 Marks)
2. Contract – I (100 Marks)
3. Law of Torts(100 Marks )
4. Legal Language(100 Marks )   
5. Practical Training – I (100 Marks)


1. Law of Crimes (100 Marks)
2. Constitutional Law (100 Marks)
3. Family Law – I (100 Marks)
4. Environment Laws (100 Marks)
5. D.P.C. – I (100 Marks)

A student for being eligible for admission to the third semester must have passed the first & second semester with an exemption in at least six papers of the first & second Semesters combined

2nd Year


1. Administrative Law (100 Marks)
2. Family Law – II (100 Marks)
3. Transfer of Property (100 Marks)
4. Company Law (100 Marks)
5. Practical Training – II (100 Marks)


1. Legal Theory (100 Marks)
2. Contract – II (100 Marks)
3. Land Laws (100 Marks)
4. Any one from the following (100 Marks) • Criminology • Taxation Laws • Law of Insolvency
5. D.P.C. – II (100 Marks)

A student for being eligible for admission for the fifth semester must have successfully passed the third and fourth semesters with an exemption in at least six papers of same semester combined.

3rd Year


1. Civil Procedure Code (100 Marks)
2. Criminal Procedure Code(100 Marks)
3. Interpretation of Statues (100 Marks)
4. Public International Law & H.R.(100 Marks)
5. Practical Training – III (100 Marks)


1. Alternate Dispute Resolution (100 Marks)
2. Law of Evidence (100 Marks)
3. Optional Papers (Any Two from the following six subjects) • Banking & Negotiable Instrument Act (100 Marks) • Law of Insurance (100 Marks) • Intellectual Property Law (100 Marks) • Conflict of Laws (100 Marks) • Law Relating to Women & Children (100 Marks) • Law and Medicine (100 Marks)
4. D.P.C. – III (100 Marks)

A student for being eligible for admission to the 3rd year must have passed all the papers of the first and second semester to be eligible for admission to the fifth semester.